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I understand the positive impact that diversity in housing stock has on a community

My housing goals are:

  • ​Work with non-profit and faith based organizations to address homelessness

  • support revitalization of naturally occuring affordable homes.  

  • smart County planning of infrastructure.  

Image by Luke Stackpoole


As a member of the City Council and Shakopee Public Utilities, I am able to review infrastructure projects in a way that provides cost savings to our customers and provide safe roads in our community.

County infrastructure projects require multiple organizations reaching into your pocket.  

I support Collaborative decision making on County projects.  

I support working within a budget and using grant money wisely.


Community Safety and Well Being

  • I support mental health professionals embedded with our local city police departments.

  • A thorough study of Emergency Response software to ensure timely response times and communication.

  • I support effective policy for hiring and retaining employees.

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