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  • Shakopee City Council

  • Shakopee Public Utilities Commission

  • Economic Development Authority-President

  • Live Learn Earn Housing Committee

  • Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency


  • Shakopee Park and Open Spaces Plan

  • 2040 Comprehensive Plan Champion

  • Shakopee Planning Commission

  • Shakopee Board of Adjustments and Appeals

  • Scott County Unified Transit Plan

  • Metro Cities Legislative Committees

  • League of Minnesota Cities Legislative Committees


Jody and her husband, Bob moved to Shakopee in 1990. Their three children graduated from Shakopee High School.  Prior to staying home with her children, Jody worked in the mortgage banking industry and was responsible for purchasing mortgage servicing portfolios.  Jody also volunteered at the Shakopee Schools and was a Scout Leader.  

Check out my Facebook page to find more details about my involvement in our Community.

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